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Baby and toddler 

  • Baby and parent will develop confidence in the water together at their own pace.

  • Parents will learn how to hold and support their children in the water to give them freedom and confidence.

  • In each lesson we will practice floatation,  an essential skill for being safe in the water.

  • Children will gradually learn through play activities how to float, turn around, submerge, push and glide, jump and start moving with flotation device.

  • Parents will share precious moments with their children watching them grow in confidence in the water. 



  • Children will learn how to safely enter and exit the pool by themselves

  • the children will learn how to swim independently with floatation device

  • they will practice gliding through the water, kicking and breathing and we will introduce independent swim movements leading to front crawl

  • children will further practice safety skills in the water such as floating on back, rotation in the water, returning to pool side, holding on, jumping in,  climbing out. 

  • They will learn through games and fun activities. 



School age kids

  • the children will be learning independently, without their parents/carers in the water with them

  • the use of flotation devices will decrease and they will start swimming independently.

  • they will  and learn front crawl, back crawl and breast stroke.

  • children will further practice safe entry in the water, flotation, treading water, sitting dive, safe exit.

  • They will learn about survival skills and water and sea safety rules.



  •  It is never too late to learn swimming!

  • You might have had a bad experience as a child, lack of opportunity to learn to swim which might have caused a fear of water.

  • Learning to swim as an adult is a hugely satisfying accomplishment. It will open a new world for you of endless pleasure of being in the water and above all being safe in and around the water.

  • You will be able to share the joy of water with your children and friends. Don' delay it a day more!

  • All adult lessons are on private basis, fully individualised to the needs of each learner.

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